Solid & Reliable Alarm Clock

100% guarantee of Wake Up

Two ring modes

In beginning you'll hear sounds of birds and forest, and then you'll be woke up by a set of annoying sounds

Limited snoozes

You'll not be able to snooze your alarm infinitely. The number of snoozes is limited in order not to oversleep

Puzzles to disable alarm

In order to disable alarm sound you need to solve a puzzle. There are multiple types of puzzles - from solving math problems to taking a photo of your shower

  • "This app changed my life to the better. Even though it's kinda annoying sometimes..lot's of time!!!"

An alarm clock that fits your needs


The simplest version of alarm clock has a minimum number of parameters and only one type of alarm disabler - solving math problems. It fits to the user who like the ready-to-go solution without configuration.


This version of alarm clock has multiple puzzle types and extended parameters number. It fits to those users who likes customizations and different alarm modes

No Ads

It is the same as Solid Alarm Clock Simple, but without Ads


It is the same as Solid Alarm Clock Extended but without Ads. It has also a Camera disable mode that allows you to disable your alarm sound by taking a photo of the shower or another object

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